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Answers to common questions regarding Ascendant NFM can be found here.

1. What Windows versions is NFM compatible with?

Windows NT, 200x, XP, Vista, and 7 - including 64-bit versions.

2. Do I need to install any software on the computers I want to monitor?

No - no software is required on the computers you want to monitor.

3. What do I NEED to be able to monitor a computer on my network?

Windows file sharing needs to be enabled, and the target computer needs administrative shares enabled (i.e.: C$) if you want to monitor their entire file system. If you want to log specific shares only then you only have to enter in the share paths (i.e.: Documents). Finally, you will need an administrative login to the target computer.

4. How can I make adding a large network of computers to NFM easier?

Click on "Add Computer" then "Enumerate Network Computers". From there you can have all computers on your network listed. Just click on each computer you want to add, then click "Add". You will be given the Add Computer wizard for each computer you selected.

5. How do I view full file paths for file log entries?

Double click a log entry to view its full information.

6. I have a computer properly configured, and the login tests correctly, but it is still not logging?

If you are positive the username/password is correct that is used to connect to the remote computer, and you are positive the remote computer is online and active, you may just need to reboot your computer. Usually resetting your network connection will do the trick. Also make sure that the shares you specified are entered properly, and actually exist on the target computer.

7. How do I see what web activity the user performed?

Load up a file usage log for the computer you want to view web activity for, then enter various file extensions you want to search for (i.e.: .htm or .zip). You will need to reload the file usage log between searches to get full search results, as consecutive searches apply to the current results listed in the log viewer.

8. How can I view archived files that NFM archives for me?

Click on "View Archived Files" on Ascendant NFM's toolbar, then double click on the computer you want to view files for. Files are sorted under the username that was active when the files were archived.

9. Can the user of the monitored computer tell they are being monitored?

Absolutely not. There are no software traces (because no software is installed) on the monitored computer, and no performance degradation.

10. Administrative shares are disabled on a computer I want to monitor, how can I re-enable them?

Please refer to this Microsoft How-To.

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