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Ascendant NFM Updated!

Ascendant NFM has been updated to version 1.6. This update allows you to view all applications and websites users use on your network - without any software installations on the monitored computers needed.

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Ascendant Network Enforcer Released!

Ascendant announces the release of Network Enforcer. Network Enforcer is a revolutionary step forward in network endpoint security, allowing you to take control of user behaviors on your network and respond in realtime when users perform behaviors that are not allowed, as opposed to having to comb through tons of log data and react well after the event has transpired like you do with conventional monitoring software.

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Can you trust every employee or user on your network? Can you ensure that every user 'obeys the rules' and does not try to access files and sensitive data they should not? Are you sure network users are not downloading files that create potential security risks? Are you secure in knowing that employees will never attempt to steal or leak vital corporate data from your network?

If you have any doubts in answering the above questions you may want to read on.

"One of the FBI's leading agents in the field of computer crime has warned that industrial espionage and targeted data theft are on the increase.

Shena Crowe, InfraGuard co-ordinator for the FBI in the technology heartland of San Francisco, said: "Theft of trade secrets is a very big problem."¹

  • $4.5 billion losses per Fortune 500 company - Confidential surveys indicate data theft losses are staggering, and as much as 80% of losses are due to insiders.²

  • The FBI estimates $2 billion a month due to loss of trade secrets.³

  • Internet misuse at work is costing American corporations more than $85 billion annually in lost productivity. (Websense, 2003)

  • The number of malicious code attacks with backdoors, which are often used to steal confidential data, rose nearly 50% in the last year. (Symantec, 2003)

  • 75% of companies cited employees as a likely source of hacking attacks. (CSI/FBI, 2003)

  • 45% of businesses had reported unauthorized access by insiders. (CSI/FBI, 2003)

  • Nearly 80 percent of instant messaging in companies is done over public IM services such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo, exposing companies to security risks. (Radicati, 2003)

  • There are more than 43 million users of consumer IM at work. (IDC, 2003)

  • 80 percent of companies reported that employees had abused Internet privileges, such as downloading pornography or pirated software. (CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, 2003)

  • A company can be liable for up to $150K per pirated work if it is allowing employees to use the corporate network to download copyrighted material. (RIAA, 2003)

Ascendant's solutions are built with asset protection and user trust in mind. Our flagship product, Ascendant NFM is a network file monitoring security tool that can execute the following tasks, all without needing software installed on each network computer:

Prevent Data Theft by Monitoring Assets for Changes

Ascendant NFM can watch specific files and directories that are, or contain sensitive data. If any of these specified files are modified to any extent NFM can immediately alert you via email detailing what happened. Email alerts will tell you what user performed the modification, and when.

Archive Copies of Sensitive Data to Prevent Malicious Actions

Ascendant NFM can monitor your sensitive data files or directories for changes. Whenever a file is modified a copy of the new file can be saved to a location on your network, thus protecting against malicious data modifications.

Track Web Usage and Download Behavior

Ascendant NFM can be used to track website usage and download behavior by being set to archive any web related (i.e.: html files) and download file extensions (i.e.: video files, tars, zips, torrents).

¹ "FBI warns 'your corporate data faces theft risk' ",, July 2006.
² "Computer Security Issues & Trends," Computer Security Institute, Spring 2001. The survey was based on 538 respondents from computer security practitioners in predominantly large US corporations and agencies.
³ FBI/Financial Institution Fraud Unit

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