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Answers to common questions regarding Network Enforcer can be found here.

1. What Windows versions is Network Enforcer compatible with?

Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 - including 64-bit versions.

2. Do I need to install any software on the computers I want to use Network Enforcer on?

Yes - Network Enforcer uses an invisible client service that you can remotely install onto each computer on your network. The client supervises and reacts to user behaviors, as configured.

3. Can Network Enforcer's client be remotely installed, invisibly, to computers on my network?

Yes, Network Enforcer has a built in remote install feature that allows you to install the client on each computer on you network - as long as you have an administrative login for each computer.

4. How can I make adding a large network of computers to Network Enforcer easier?

Click on "Add Computer" then "Enumerate Network Computers". From there you can have all computers on your network listed. Just click on each computer you want to add, then click "Add". You will be given the Add Computer wizard for each computer you selected. From there you can select all the computers in the list and import previously exported settings, perform remote installs, etc.

5. Will users know Network Enforcer is running on their computer?

No - the client runs invisibly, does not appear in the Windows task manager, and does not have a user interface that can be interacted with.

6. I added some computer's to my computer list, where do I go from here?

Please refer to our 'Getting Started' guide for using Network Enforcer.

7. What behaviors can Network Enforcer alert me about, and react to?

Network Enforcer can alert you, and react to specific behaviors of the following:

  • Keystroke phrases typed
  • Websites visited
  • Applications and Programs executed
  • Chat client usage
  • Internet connection activity
  • Email activity
  • Windows interacted with
  • File and document usage

8. Can Network Enforcer create various reports about behavior/activity filters users violate?

Yes, Network Enforcer has a handful of very useful reports ranging from brief overview summaries, to detailed breakdowns of behavior filter violations by security level.

9. Can I classify behavior/activity filters to be more important/critical than others?

Absolutely. Network Enforcer allows filters to be classified as LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH security. Each security level has a threshold you can configure for each computer that allows Network Enforcer to only respond to filter violations for each security level when they reach a set threshold. For example, you can configure Network Enforcer to alert you after 10 Low security filters have been violated, or after only a single High security filter has been violated.

10. Can I respond to filter violations directly with the Network Enforcer software?

Yes, one of the responses that the Network Enforcer client can take is to alert you in realtime via the Network Enforcer management program. When you receive an alert you can use the various remote administration commands (shutdown, lock computer, reboot, view desktop, send message, etc.) that Network Enforcer allows you to perform on the target computer.

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