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A Client/Server Architecture: the Client and Management Program

Network Enforcer is separated into two components - the client and the management program - and utilizes a client/server architecture.

The client is the workhorse of the Network Enforcer system. It watches for and enforces filter violations that you have configured. It keeps track of all behavior filter violations, handles the alerts and responses, logs the events, and handles remote commands. The client runs invisibly and cannot be configured or accessed other than from the management program.

The management program is where you specify what computers you want to use Network Enforcer on. It allows you to create and configure filters, perform remote installations, issue remote commands to the computers running the client, create reports, view logs, and more. The client computers can only be configured and accessed from the management program.

Centralized Viewing, Configuring, Installing, and Monitoring.

Network Enforcer's architecture allows you to view all computer filter event logs from one central computer. It also allows you to distribute settings and filters to all computers at once, or to specific computers one at a time. Remote commands and realtime filter alert responses are sent to each computer from the central computer running the management program. A dedicated server is NOT needed or necessary for Network Enforcer's management program to run on.

Customizable, Flexible Behavior Activity Filters.

Network Enforcer enforces behavior filters you create, allowing you to limit and control what happens on your network, or more specifically, what should NOT happen on your network. Utilizing three levels of security, each with their own thresholds, filters can be created to alert you immediately when specific events happen, or only after they have happened a set number of times. Network Enforcer allows you to be a little more lenient on the employee playing solitaire on their lunch break, while being extremely proactive and reactive on the employee that copies a sensitive file to a thumb drive. You can configure Network Enforcer to monitor all the behaviors below for unwanted events.

See Network Enforcer in Action!

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