Getting Started with NFM
Ascendant NFM is very easy to install, setup, and manage. Below is a quick list of steps to follow when getting started with NFM.

Step 1 - Install NFM

First, you will need to install the NFM software. Installation is covered in detail here.

Step 2 - Become Familiarized with the NFM graphical interface

Second, you may want to become acquainted to the easy-to-use graphical interface that NFM uses. Please see the Interface Overview documentation for a walkthrough of NFM's interface.

Step 3 - Add Computers to NFM's Computer Monitoring List

Third, you will need to add computer to NFM's list, as shown in the wizard below. To add computers please see the Adding a Computer section.

Step 4 - Specify Startup Settings

Fourth, you will want to access NFM's General Options by clicking on "General Options" and choose whether you want NFM to load on Windows startup, and whether you want NFM to start monitoring every time the software is started.

Step 5 - Specify Additional Settings

Fifth, you will want to configure additional settings like File Archiving, File Filtering, Log Delivery, or Email Alerts, for example.

Step 6 - Start Monitoring

Lastly, you will want to start monitoring and ensure everything is working properly by clicking on the "Start Monitoring" button.


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