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Ascendant NFM Updated!

Ascendant NFM has been updated to version 1.6. This update allows you to view all applications and websites users use on your network - without any software installations on the monitored computers needed.

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Ascendant Network Enforcer Released!

Ascendant announces the release of Network Enforcer. Network Enforcer is a revolutionary step forward in network endpoint security, allowing you to take control of user behaviors on your network and respond in realtime when users perform behaviors that are not allowed, as opposed to having to comb through tons of log data and react well after the event has transpired like you do with conventional monitoring software.

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Answers to common questions regarding ordering our software can be found here.

1. How do I order online?

To order our products, go to the purchasing section on our site - here you can click the product you wish to purchase. From here simply fill in your customer information and you will be able to download immediately!

2. How will my purchase appear on the bill?

All purchases online are billed from "”.

3. Can I purchase through mail?

Yes, to purchase through mail use our online ordering form and choose 'Mail' as method of payment instead of credit card. You will be given further instructions on how to complete your order when you fill in your customer information and click 'Next'.

4. Do you offer products on CD-ROM?

Yes, our software is available on CD-ROM.

5. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Personal/Business Check, Cash, Money order, PayPal, direct Wire Transfers, Phone or Fax orders, and Purchase Orders.

6. Will my personal information be shared with any third parties?

Absolutely not. You can order with our total assurance that your personal ordering information will never be given out or sold to anyone.

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